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  • Fresh Breath
  • Cleans Teeth
  • Prevents Tartar
  • Kills Bacteria Causing Bad Breath



  • Animal Science Dental Rinse for Dogs is formulated with antimicrobial ingredients to give your dog clean teeth and fresh breath. Dental care should be a vital part of your dogs's hygiene as it affects overall health. Regular cleaning is impotant to prevent dental health problems like tartar and plaque build-up, this is formed by food particles and bacteria, which can lead to Periodontal Diseases. Just put a cupful of this Dental Rinse onto your Dog's water bowl everyday.


Direction for Use

  • Shake well prior to use. Empty your pet's water bowl every day and refill with fresh water and one cupful of Dental Rinse per 8 ounces of water.

Animal Science Dental Rinse for Dogs 300ml

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