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  • Anti-inflammatory (Cortisteroids)



  • For symptomatic treatment of inflammatory and puritic dermatoses in dogs.


Dosage and Mode of Administration:

  • Cutaneous use. Before administration, screw the pump spray on the bottle. The veterinary medicinal product is then applied by activating the pump spray, from a distance about 10cm of the area to be treated.
  • The recommended dosage is 1.52 ug of hydrocortisone aceponate/cm2 of the affected skin per day. This dosage can be achieved with two pump spray activations over a surface to be treated equivalent to a square of 10cm x 10cm. Repeat the treatment daily for 7 consecutive days. Care should be taken to avoid spraying into the eyes of the animal. Presented as a volatile spray, this veterinary medicinal product does not require any massage.
  • In case of conditions requiring an extended treatment, the responsible veterinarian should subject the use of the product to the risk- benefit assessment by the responsible veterinarian. If signs fail to improve within 7 days, treatment should be re- evaluated by the veterinarian.

Cortavance Hydrocortisone Acetone 584mcg/ml Spray Solution 31ml

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