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  • Removes dirt and wax 
  • Soothing
  • Antibacterial



  • Chamomile - has anti-inflammatory properties, safest herb for pets
  • Witch hazel - treats skin irritations, dries up pus, clear away excess oil, and breaks away wax and debris
  • Madre de cacao extract - natural insect repellant, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal
  • Rosemary leaf extract - reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Lavander essential oil - soothes skin and is relaxing, reduces scarring and aids in wound healing
  • Tea tree oil - treats various skin diseases like hotspots and soothes the skin


Directions for Use:

  • Shake well before using. Apply Ecopet Ear Cleanser into the ear canal. Gently massage base of ear to help loosen wax and debris. Repeat if necessary. Safe for every day use.

Dr. C's Ecopet Ear Cleanser 120ml

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