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  • Anti-Stress
  • Appetite Stimullant
  • Emervit is a combination of Mutltivitamins and essentilal amino acid, design to fill in the nutritional gaps. It helps regulates bodily processes and break down nutrients which can help your pets have better quality of life. The amino acid Taurine can prevent the enlargement of the heart in dogs; can provide sufficient supply to tissues of the heart wall muscle, retina of the eye and brain of cats.
  • Emervit helps to lessen the stress and supports your pet's fast recovery from disease infection.



  • For increased appetite during stressful conditions ex. vaccination, deworming, weaning, bacterial and viral infection.


Recommended Dosage:

  • To be given daily during meals or as per recommendation of your Veterinarian.
  • Dogs:
    • Puppy- 0.25ml/kg bodyweight once daily.
    • Adults- 1ml/kg bodyweight once daily.
  • Cats:
    • Kitten- 0.5ml/kg bodyweight once daily.
    • Adult- 1ml/kg bodyweight once daily.

Emervit Multivitamins + Taurine 120ml

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