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  • Vitamin- Mineral Supplement
  • Enfaboost- provides full spectrum vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and probiotics for adult dogs. It is also suited to supplement the diet of pregnant and lactating pets that have greater nutritional requirements. It enhances the appetite of pregnant females to consume a regular daily diet in order to maintain the development and growth of healthy puppies. It has probiotics which improves digestion and prevents digestive issues related to gas and bloating in pregnant females.
  • Enfaboost provides support to muscle, joints and bones, eyesight, skin and coat, the reproductive and hormone system. It also boosts energy levels and improves immunity.



  • For pregnant, lactating, adult, sick and convalscent pets.



  • For cats and dogs- 1ml/3k body weight once daily or as prescribed by your Veterinarian.

Enfaboost Multivitamins for Pregnant and Lactating Pets 120ml

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