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  • Herbal Extract + Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Formulated Against Scabies, Demodicosis, Tick & Flea and Fungal Skin Infections



  • Vetnoderm Herbal Soap is a purely organic medicated soap formulated against scabies and demodicosis. This Herbal soap is also effective against ticks, flea and even act as antifungal. Vetnoderm is made from freshly extracted medicinal herbs mixed with virgin coconut oil. This soap when applied to animals maximises its healing effect and it enhances fast recovery from any skin problem and blemishes caused by external parasites in our pets.



  • Wet the animal. Massage soap on the body to the lather. Scrub the Vetnoderm Herbal Soap all over the body and leave for 15minutes before rinsing. For severe skin lesions: use this soap twice a week. After bathing apply a thin layer of vetnoderm cream 2x a day, on localized affected area only.

Vetnoderm Medicated Herbal Soap 145g

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